Registration Window will open on 1 June 2023

Annual Conference of Association of Clinical Biochemists of India, Kerala: A Confluence of Expertise and Collaboration

The Annual Conference of the Association of Clinical Biochemists of India (ACBI) is a highly anticipated event for professionals and enthusiasts in the field of clinical biochemistry. This year, the conference was co-hosted by the ACBI Kerala Chapter and the Believers Church Medical College Hospital, Thiruvalla, making it a remarkable gathering of minds and a platform for knowledge exchange. Held in the beautiful state of Kerala, known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, the conference promised a blend of scientific discussions, networking opportunities, and enriching experiences.

ACBICON2023, Kerala Registration:
The ACBICON2023 conference offered diverse registration categories to accommodate the varying needs and affiliations of the attendees. The categories included Regular ACBI Member, Non-Member, ACBI Member Young Scientist, Non-Member Young Scientist, Student, Accompanying Person, and Expo Only. This inclusive approach allowed participants from different backgrounds to engage with the conference content and explore their areas of interest.

Indian Delegates:
To encourage group participation, the conference organizers introduced group registration discounts for Indian delegates. The discount offered a 10% reduction for groups of 5 to 10 delegates and an impressive 20% reduction for groups exceeding 10 delegates. This initiative aimed to foster collaboration and facilitate the exchange of ideas among professionals from various institutions across India.

Foreign Delegates:
The organizers extended a warm welcome to foreign delegates attending the conference. In an effort to enhance their experience, a complementary banquet was organized on the 15th of September 2023. This special event provided an opportunity for networking and cultural immersion, enabling participants to forge connections and build international collaborations in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Pre Conference Workshops:
To complement the conference program, a series of preconference workshops were held at various hospitals and centers of excellence in the Thiruvananthapuram region. These workshops were designed to provide hands-on learning experiences, enabling participants to acquire practical skills and delve deeper into specialized topics within clinical biochemistry. The choice of multiple venues added an element of convenience and accessibility for attendees, facilitating their engagement with the preconference activities.

The Annual Conference of the Association of Clinical Biochemists of India, hosted in Kerala, proved to be a resounding success. With the collaboration of the ACBI Kerala Chapter and the Believers Church Medical College Hospital, the event brought together professionals, researchers, and students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a spirit of knowledge sharing and innovation. The wide range of registration categories ensured inclusivity, enabling participants to engage with the conference content according to their specific interests. The group registration discounts for Indian delegates encouraged team participation and facilitated networking opportunities. Furthermore, the preconference workshops added tremendous value, allowing attendees to gain practical insights and further their professional growth. Overall, this annual conference served as a catalyst for progress in the field of clinical biochemistry, bringing together the brightest minds to collectively advance healthcare and scientific research.


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